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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Poems by Chandu Maheria


The Value of My Poetry


You would not be able to appreciate value of my poetry.
Let 'Navchetan' consider it without any vitality.
and let it be behind the screen for the world of poetry of 'Kumar',
Let friends who keep 'Kavita' alive by poetry
may consider it no-poetry.
A critic friend used to say,
' Your poetry bears innumerable black blots of style and language .'
Not only black blots, our sun itself is black.
We have set out with the black sun.
Your blind eyes will be unable not recognize its glow.
I don;t care if you are unable to appreciate value of my poetry.
I don't wish to be a poet.
I wish to be a rebel.
if a word of rebellion strikes
Thakur Vajesingh's deaf ears,
for me , my poetry is invaluable.

'Navchetan, 'Kumar', 'Kavita' are leading Gujarati literary journals.