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Monday, July 25, 2011

Poems by Umesh Solanki

The seed

Who are you?
Me? I am a seed in the depth of the earth
teeming since centuries.
If I get some space
I will soon grow into a tree
With twenty eight branches
In each and every branch
Each and every leaf wet with love
When you shall come
In my shade
I won’t ask you: Who are you?
Because I am the seed teeming in the depth of the earth
Since centuries.

Translated By Dr.G.K.Vankar

Modern Untouchability

It was blatant and blunt
Now it is subdued and subtle
Moved deep down to the core to remain invisible
Stuck solid at the bottom of heart
Caramel and honey
The innocent words loaded with scorn and hate
When i flip through their books
My fingers get pierced with pricks
I am on my road and maybe it’s my way
I don’t  get stumbled by their strike
But neither do i get to reach anywhere.
My pain has reached beyond.

Translated By Dr.Neerav Patel