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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Poem by Chandraben Shrimali

Appeal of a Dalit Mother

Yes, i am your dalit mother.
never feel inferior
o my dear dalit children!

I am proud of being a dalit mother
o born of my loins!
never forget dalit mother
who raised you suffering innumerable pains
tolerating hunger and  so many abuses,
now its your day.
only see that our loins are not tarnished
my sons.

Now you are not alone
we are by you side
tucking our saris at waist.
with power of pen Ambedkar got our eyes opened.

We are not poor, we are empowered
not a lump of soil, the foundation stones
now we are not helpless , we sparkle with our children with education
yes we are your dalit mothers
like forest fires
not the depressed, burnt
helpless poor dalit mothers.