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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Congratulations, Dr.Mohan Parmar!

Congratulations, It's a joyous occasion!

Dr.Mohan Parmar  has won  Sahitya Akademi Award for Gujarati ( for the year 2011) for his short fiction collection, 'Anchalo'. He is leading Gujarati writer of dalit origin,
Born on 15 March 1948, he is Ph.D.in Gujarati. He is prolific writer , has published short stories, novels, plays and criticism.

 His books include:

Five short story collections: Kolahal, Nakalank, Kumbhi, Poth And Anchalo.
Nine novels:  Bhekad,Vikriya,Kalgrast,Prapti, Neliyun, Priyatama, Asthfal, Dyaya Pasha Ni Vadi, Luptvedh
Plays: Bahishkar
Criticism: Samvitti,Ansaar
Edited: Gujarati Dalit Varta  and several other anthologies. 

He earlier  editor of ‘Hayati’ alongwith Harish Mangalam. Currently he is deputy editor of ‘Parab’, a monthly journal of Gujarati Sahitya  Parishad.President, Gujarati  Dalit Sahitya Pratishhthaan.He is already recipient of several important literary awards.

A/225, Parimal Society,Behind Kirtidham Tirth,Chandkheda,Ahmedabad 382424
Cell: 09662986585


Rajput .parmar said...

Parmar sahib has done wonderful job in Gujarati dalit literature.It is hard to fill his shoe.I admire him

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