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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Brahma Chamar: Poems

Translated by Gopika Jadeja
Indian Literature November-December 2016

What do you know?

Temples burn
Mosques burn
What do you know?
Here, my syomach
is afire.

Nirdhar January 2016


God was pleased with me.

He asked my name.
I said,'Rahim.'
He looked at me without blinking
and asked me my caste.
I replied with pride:

God disappeared.

I have stopped going
to the temple!

Samyak: Gujarati Ambedkarwadi Kavita

What did I get?

When did Guru Drona 
ask for my thumb?
He asked his
Arjuna's life,
Arjuna's self-respect,
Arjuna's pride.

which he received
with my thumb.

But what did I get?

Nirdhar, December 2014

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