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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Poem by Bipin Gohel

I , the man being erased 

I am the man half erased by the duster of Manu
I rewrite the erased man.
On the walls of time
Faintly painted
Since thousand of years on its lines
Acid duster is always active
With the nail, it is being erased from roots.
The so-called white color
Harasses since centuries.
I try to make the line clear, visible…

A desert blows.
Universal oppression.
He is being scratched out like a live skin
From word
          from dream
                   from fragrance
                         From breath.
I struggle to raise head which is bent low.
In the thicket of sharp thorns
Somewhere in the depth
A bud forms,
I pluck it with scratched, bleeding hand.
I rewrite the man, who is being erased.