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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Poems by Nilesh Kathad


Where Should We Go

The caravan of tears, tell us where should we go.
In all directions hate, tell us where should we go.

We got terrifying blood blows
There is no support, tell us where should we go.

The torture of ten directions is ours for years
the road is a burning live coal, tell us where should we go.

Only if we could find the spark of light
Darkness is around; tell us where should we go.

I write virtues of flowers!
When I got thorns, tell us where should we go.


Useless attachments we will have to cut
We shall have to break their rules and regulations now.

How long shall we live in this dark night,
Today onwards we will have to shake them now.

Those who are scattered since centuries
We will have to connect them all now.

Without any reason we are condemned to suffer
Such pains we will have to remove now.

Come, let us make some changes
We will have to construct separate pillars now.

Do Write To Me

Do write to me all about your village
With fully open heart you write a letter to me.

Four walls around and the sky above
This is the reservation all that we have got

All around there are the trees of pain
O friend, what comfort are there, write to me.

Do not ask me my joys and sorrows
If there is anyone safe, write to me.

If you know someone now
Write our Yasar Aarafat to me.