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Friday, August 28, 2009

Poems by A.K.Dodiya

Translated from Gujarati by Dr.G.K.Vankar

Talk about

Talk about the air which is worth breathing,
Talk about a mirror and a lamp.

If they do not consider you human being, what can be done?
The disease is old, talk about the cure.

We shall fight, if there are no alternatives,
Do not talk about leaving your home.

Why to stare at the sky?
Talk about your aim with an arrow.

Where they hoard our rightful things,
Talk about breaking those treasures.

I agree that we are at the bottom,
Talk about rising above the sky.

(From ‘Suryonmukha’)

You write

For the first time you write the twang of existence
For the first time you write the struggle in words.

It should not become an occasion of commotion
Write in words the interaction of silence.

The pains of the era would arrive in the words
You write the screams coming from all directions.

Some moment will catch its meanings
Write the shapes emerging on the walls.

The caravans will move towards the sun
You write such a thought piercing the night.

Our sufferings have remained unwritten
Write, do write all the incidents in detail.

The eye that discriminates between man and man
Write the scorn of whole human race.

(From ‘Suryonmukha’)


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