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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Poems by Madhukant Kalpit

Translated from Gujarati by Dr.G.K.Vankar


Awareness flows within me.
The apprehension palpitating in the chest
And in the eyes, a disabled dream,
The self that suffered from a pitch black life
Tired, now looks at the sunrise.

Please do not think that
You cannot celebrate me like a festival.
From the boundary of the field
There is a lush green message:
‘If you call me a human being,
I will feel good!’
This is the place where a dream of a man
Like a stone strikes the eyes, so sharp.

In the valley of chest
Lighting a lantern,
Wanders a story, so silent!

(From Tarjumo)

The Movement Day

The self sits on the open palm
Turning into a fire

On the tips of fingers
A shining word hisses.

Since how many centuries
The blood
Sleeping, covered with a sheet of darkness
Breaking all the shores
Riding on the fingers

(From Tarjumo)

The Poet
Madhukant Kalpit

Madhukant Kalpit was born in 1945. He is a noted Gujarati writer, and his poetry and short stories have been included in Gujarati mainstream and Dalit anthologies. His collection of poems is 'Tarjumo'.


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