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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Poems by Harish Mangalam

 Gujarati poems on this link http://gujaratidalitkavita.blogspot.in/2011/07/blog-post.html

Translated from Gujarati by Dr.G.K.Vankar

 The valley

In the distance
in the horizon,
yes, I can perceive a shape like a deep valley.
A bird is passing and lo,
It disappears all of a sudden!
Do my eyes play a trick on me?
I rub my eyes, open them wide,
Try to lighten the load on the eyelids
And the shapes change -
Someone’s head separates from the body swims in the air,
Some feet crushed from knees gallop
As if from a balloon a red color drips, the red tears flow from
The cut breasts crushed by venomous fingers.
On the fourth floor the wild bears clench their teeth
And slaughter meek men,
Below -
The blood rushes:
Man-thirsty blood.
An invisible bird
Settles on the unseen land of mind,
Searches for its wings!
The shapes disperse,
The silence weighing in the sky
Is embraced in the anxious arms of the earth
S l o w l y.

(From Prakamp)

A complaint

From the top of lush green cocoanut tree
Bring down the scorching sun
It burns and burns,
That’s why boils
My green, marine blood.
My green, lush green grass.
May be it has become immune to
Injections of consolations,
Otherwise it would not hang on
The old ceiling
Like a giant fan.
The poor one!
And unsteady
Is it that
God(?) has cursed him of hanging?
Cursed that too, my sun?
If God happens to meet me
By chance
On my way,
I will hang him,
Just opposite the sun.

(From Prakamp)

The Poet
Harish Mangalam

Harish Mangalam, born 15 February, 1952, is a Govt. officer (Gujarat Administrative Service). He is editor of 'Hayati', published by Gujarat Dalit Sahitya Academy, Gandhinagar. He also served as the editor of Pratinidhi dalit varta (1997). He has to his credit one collection of poems, 'Prakamp' (1991), and two novels, 'Tirad' (1992) and 'Choki' ( 2002). His short story 'Talap' was published in Katha stories (2001). He is recipient of St.Kabir Dalit Sahitya Award.
His address: ‘Prakamp’, 7, Durgakrupa Society, Besides Kirtidham Tirth, Chandkheda, Ahmedabad 382424. His Tel.: 079-23297582


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